Tanner Anthony-miner

Designer - Dreamer - Doer

Founder of Breathin' Easy LLC


I founded this company in October of 2020, I knew when I started Breathin' Easy LLC that the renewability and recyclability of its products was going to be the foundation that the company would be built on. I could feel it in my gut but I couldn't find a word for it. I set out to make a brand based on that feeling I couldn't describe, and found myself here, American Hemp.


I founded Breathin' Easy not just as a brand but also a way of thinking, a plan for the interactions you have with yourself and the world around you. It all starts with a circular economy.

Close your eyes and take one deep breath, we got this.

circular economy

 One in which resources stay in use for as long as possible, products are made to last, then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of each service life.

What better place to start than Mother Nature?

investing in

the future

A devotion to the planet, and the will to incite change is why I started this brand. Your belief in me and my vision is how we will build the future.

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why hemp?

There is an abundance of fiber that is created when hemp or cannabis is grown for flower that is currently thrown away. One mans trash is someone else's clothing.

the mission

Is to build an environmentally conscious brand focused on replenishing the planet and preserving it for future generations

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where I have the latest release of apparel and accessories for purchase

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