hemp 101 : Intro to the future

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hemp's (current) definition

what that actually means

"the plant Cannabis sativa L. and any part of such plant, whether growing or not, with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis"

what is


Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis that makes you feel high.

A sativa cannabis plant with  a THC concentration less than 0.3% after the plant is dried

what is


Cannabidol (CBD) is one of the other 112 cannabinoids discovered so far and is used medicinally for ailments such as anxiety, seizures, and pain relief.

where are cannabinoids found on the plant?

The Flowers! Typically referred to as "Bud" the flowers of the plant are where all of the cannabinoids are located.

is it hard to grow hemp?

can you smoke hemp flower the same way one would smoke cannabis?

Yep! Although you won't get the high feeling you get the traditional cannabis high due to the low amounts of THC. 

can you buy hemp flower to smoke?

It depends on what you are growing for. For uses such as fiber it is relatively easy and requires few nutrients.

Growing for CBD on the other hand is quite intensive, farmers have to ensure proper nutrient doses at proper intervals to ensure robust bud, they also have to ensure their plants aren't going hot by testing throughout the growing season.

How hard is it for farmers to reach 0.3% THC?

Sorta, since cannabis dispensaries are highly regulated, hemp flower can't be sold in them as of yet. There is however a bustling internet market for it. Be sure to do your homework if you attempt to buy online, there are plenty of very good companies out there, just make sure you do your due diligence and ensure you are getting a good product

what happens when a farmers crop is over 0.3% thc?


VERY. Farmers have to test their crop throughout the growing season to ensure a good harvest. Cannabis found in dispensaries will have anywhere from 14%-26% THC. 

Any hemp that grow "hot" (over the 0.3% threshold) must be destroyed. This has put a strain on the hemp market since farmers invest thousands of dollars into seed alone to grow hemp. If their crop is hot, they lose all of that investment.

what are some of the most common uses for hemp?

In the past hemp has been used to make clothing, rope, sails, paper, and composites. Recently it is being used to create super conductors.

What does the future look like for hemp?

So far the future looks bright, some in office like senator Rand Paull of Kentucky introduced a bill the raise the THC limit from 0.3% to 1%! This will reduce the risk to farmers and increase the amount of hemp that makes it's way into the market.

what is hempcrete?

how is hemp fabric made?

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Hempcrete is a building material consisting of hemp core (Hurd) and limestone. Not quite strong enough to bear a meaningful load, hempcrete is typically used for it's insulative and carbon negative properties. It is also an incredible humidity balancer.

After the plants have been cut and allowed to go through a process called retting, the fiber is then combed and spun into yarn and is finally woven into a fabric

After the plants have been cut and allowed to go through a process called retting, the fiber is then combed and spun into yarn and is finally woven into a fabric

what is retting?

what is Lignin?

Retting is the process of breaking down the plants lignin via microbe or chemical means. This allows the plant's strong fibers to be separated from the plant and spun into finer thread

Lignin is a hard cement like substance that binds the fibers to one another making a ridged plant. 

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