breathin' easy

Breathin' Easy’s inspiration came to me while traveling in Spain in December of 2019.  My girlfriend and I happened upon the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum while exploring Barcelona’s Gothic quarter. I was blown away. Tucked inside an ornate exterior was a beautiful home transformed into an ode-to-hemp. We listened to our virtual guides spin tales of the history, spirituality, utility, and the unfortunate downfall of hemp in the 20th century. I saw textiles, ropes, food, paper, composites, tinctures, and plastics all made out of hemp. I was inspired by an illustration of a man grinding old hemp clothing into paper and thought why aren’t we doing that today?


Breathin’ Easy was born out of what I saw as a necessary shift in the textile and fashion industry. Fashion is a notoriously wasteful industry with fast fashion and last year’s prints filling our landfills and deadstock facilities. I saw an opportunity for a brand focused on creating timeless apparel that never sees a landfill. I already had the perfect candidate for this material, hemp.