Hi, I'm Tanner



Breathin’ Easy came to life in October of 2020 with a little help from a lot of people. The company’s mission is to design timeless apparel and accessories that will never see a landfill.


Breathin' Easy’s inspiration came to me while traveling in Spain in December of 2019.  My girlfriend and I happened upon the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum while exploring Barcelona’s Gothic quarter. I was blown away. Tucked inside an ornate exterior was a beautiful home turned that ode-to-hemp. We listened to our virtual guides spin tales of the history, spirituality, utility, and the unfortunate downfall of hemp in the 20th century. I saw textiles, ropes, food, paper, composites, and plastics all made out of hemp. I was inspired by an illustration of a man grinding old hemp clothing into paper and thought why aren’t we doing that today?


Upon return from Spain, I embarked on the final semester of my bachelor’s in Environmental Design at CU Boulder, and started planning for my post-college career. Then COVID-19 turned the world upside down. My classes became virtual, graduation took place on YouTube, and I moved to rural southwest Colorado with my girlfriend. 


I went on long walks and contemplated COVID’s derailment of my career plans. Talking with my dad one day, he said, “remember to breathe easy”... I said, “That’s a great name for a company.” It occurred to me then that this new reality was a detour rather than a roadblock. I just needed to make the new path myself.


That Barcelona museum experience returned to mind and the next day I was researching hemp-based fabrics and clothing companies to see if anyone was trying to convert their products after use and found not a single one.


Hemp should be leading the textile industry in sustainability. The crop requires less water and far fewer pesticides (if any) than cotton, and unlike petroleum-based products is far less harmful to the environment (even having the potential to be carbon negative). It’s also more durable, and actually stronger than nylon rope. When you wear hemp textiles, BPA doesn’t leach into your skin. When washed, plastic microfibers don’t shed and flow into the ocean. When it finally does need to be recycled, hemp fibers can be converted into paper, plastic, composites, and hempcrete, among other things. 


Breathin’ Easy exists because I believe the textile industry can function in a  profoundly different way. I wanted to create a company that was focused on quality, environmental stewardship, and reusability. I found that in hemp. That is the future of Breathin’ Easy. I plan to take back each and every bag at the end of its life and convert it into paper. That is only the tip of the iceberg, and I can’t wait to do more. Got an idea? Email me!