WHy Hemp?

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hemp's history with humanity

Hemp production today

The future of hemp production

Hemp has a long and storied history with humanity dating all the way back to 8,000 BCE. There is literally 10,000 years of humanity using hemp as a resource for food, clothing, rope, medicine, and a plethora of other uses. Over thousands of years humanity was able to learn more from hemp and discover more and more uses. 

As of 2020, there are 21,496 licensed hemp farmers in the United states, mostly focused on ( highly profitable) CBD production. All of these farms combined produce thousands of pounds of fibrous hemp stalk that is currently being discarded as garbage. THis hemp fiber  is stronger than nylon, is abundant, and is an entirely new revenue stream for farmers. By looking at wholistic farming practices we will be able to increase the profitability for farmers and begin to provide consumers with high quality, low cost goods ranging from shoes to school paper. As the number of hemp producers continues to rise so will the amount of waste fiber.

I believe it will become common for farmers to grow hemp in their fields. The market demand will rise as American producers are built and can begin processing large quantities of hemp fiber into everything from clothing to paper. Where Breathin’ Easy fits in is creating those final products for consumers, I want to create an American apparel company focused on supporting American industry and the American community as a whole.

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FLOWER: plant's flower covered in small resin excretions used for all cannabinoid products including CDB.

SEED: used for food. provides as much protein gram for gram as beef, and is a full protein. 

BAST: fibrous bark used to create all kinds of fabric and even bioplastics.

HURD: a woody core Used of building materials such as hempcrete, and animal bedding. Is mold and water resistant, it also cycles CO2 out over the air and has an R value of 12.